Mom Panics as Dark Spot in Baby’s Mouth Turns Out to Be…

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A mom panics over a dark spot on her baby’s mouth, but she later discovers it is not what she feared. Parenthood often brings along its own set of concerns and anxieties. It’s common to experience a rush of worry the first time your child takes a tumble, knocks their head, or attempts to ingest something they shouldn’t. Such apprehension is entirely justified; the mere thought of your little one encountering harm can be utterly terrifying.

Mom Panics
Photo: Facebook/Darian Depreta

When Darian Depreta, a mother of two, was engaging in playtime with her daughter, Bella, she noticed something unusual inside Bella’s mouth, prompting immediate concern for her daughter’s well-being.

Inside Bella’s mouth was an oddly large, round, brown mark nestled against the roof. Initially, Depreta attempted to remove it with a gentle wipe, but when it remained stubbornly in place, she decided to seek medical attention for Bella.

Their visit led them to a nurse practitioner who, despite her efforts, couldn’t identify the mark or its cause. Consulting with other physicians on staff didn’t yield definitive answers either. Depreta was informed that it might be a birthmark and that Bella required consultation with not just one, but two specialists.

Photo: Facebook/Darian Depreta

“Being informed that my daughter would need to consult with 2 specialists,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

Depreta adamantly disagreed with the notion that the mark was a birthmark. Consequently, the nurse practitioner revisited Bella’s mouth.

“Noticing a slight white hue on the side, I pointed it out, prompting her to inspect more closely,” Darian said.

It was then that the mystery of the mark was unraveled: Bella had a piece of cardboard lodged in her mouth!

“I can never face that office again. I was simultaneously crying and laughing for a good 5 minutes,” she said.

Mom Panics
Photo: Facebook/Darian Depreta

As it turned out, Bella had briefly chewed on a cardboard box before her mother intervened. Despite Depreta’s quick inspection of her daughter’s mouth for any remnants, it seemed a small piece had slipped past her notice.

While relieved to discover it was merely cardboard and not a severe infection, Depreta experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Naturally, some readers of her post were swift to pass judgment.

“Yes, it was a potential choking hazard, and I’m grateful she didn’t choke,” she shared. “The reason for sharing was the distress, panic, and uncertainty (even from the doctors) before she was declared alright.”

“The laughter came after weathering the storm,” she added. “And I don’t encourage my baby to chew on cardboard. She’s teething and attempts to gnaw on anything within reach.”

Photo: Facebook/Darian Depreta

Every parent empathizes with the challenges and anxieties of teething. Toddlers have an uncanny knack for putting anything and everything into their mouths, and despite our vigilance, mishaps like these can occur. Fortunately, Bella emerged unscathed in the end.

“She happened upon a box while I was busy loading the dishwasher, which I promptly removed from her possession,” Depreta shared. “I simply hadn’t realized a fragment had lodged itself inside her mouth. I checked for small pieces right away.”

We hear you, mama, and we’re relieved that Bella is doing well and that you can now find humor in the situation. The initial fright must have been overwhelming!

What’s the most peculiar object your child has ever attempted to taste? Share your stories in the comments!



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