Reasons Why This Woman Uninvited Her Family Members to Her Wedding

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Weddings are beautiful events where all the family becomes together to have fun. It should be a very relaxing and funny day, especially for the bride who has gone through a lot of stress with all the preparations and taking these new steps in her life.

This girl, a user called throwawatfamily976, did not invite her uncle, cousin, brother, and dad to her wedding day, because she can not support the prank they made at any given time. She posted her story asking if was right what she has done or not.

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She said that she was grown up in a family where men use to prank and tease each other. Even when she got engaged to her boyfriend her family members joked with him to see what type of man he was. They have forced him to play chess 4 times in a row, slashed his tires to see if he will fix it, or will ask for help like a lazy guy. They would ask him a lot of questions like what he thinks about abortion, religion, jesus, gender equality and a lot more. They overhelmed his mind with strange scenarious to test his mind strength. Also, they tested his hunting and fishing skills.

She said that her boyfriend has asthma, but they family members think it is just an exuse. She asked her father to stop but he said that this is a challenge men have to pass through and it is fun.

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One day they took her boyfriend, Tim, on a 3 day trip and they hide his inhaler. He left them and turned back after 7 hours. He has felt offended after they confesed to him that they had hidden his inhaler to make a challenge. Tim’s girlfriend exploded on them, when they returned. Her cousin made fun with Tim because he was turned back and had told everything at his girlfriend.
She told to her family that the 4 of them were uninvited to her wedding. They felt very bad and started to justify their actions, her dad ask for apologiezes but then he said that Tim will always remain that collage kid who is not up for the challenge and Tim will not have his respect. She called them awful and she left.

All her family members are so mad and sad and has involve her mother too, to get her thinking twice for this decision. She keeps refusing them.
Her mother said that she is exaggerating and they are her family despite of their prank.
So this girl asked for help and we are going to share with you what people has respond.


Everyone on the web supported this girl about being protective about her future husband and her wedding day that is going to be the best day of her life.

Some people said that she should cut her contact with them completly, This is unrespectful and irresponsible.
Another user said that this sound more like bullying. It is shameful to take it with someone’s health issue. It is normal to prank and make fun with one another in the family, but without offending anyone, because everything has a limit.
Another one said that none of them should come in the wedding. Their prank are to much and offensive too. It is inappropriate to hide a inhale from an asthmatic person.

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Her family looks like a nightmare. Being tested in a challenge to look how strong you are is very ashamed and irrespectful.

Do you think she made the right choice? Let us know in the comment what do you think about her story and her decision.



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