This Dad is Heavily Tatooed, He Struggles Everyday With Everybody Thinking He’s a Bad Father!

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While expressing oneself through body art holds a certain beauty, pushing boundaries can sometimes invite criticism from those in our surroundings. Richard Huff, a 51-year-old self-proclaimed “ink addict” with over 240 tattoos, has opened up about enduring continuous accusations of being a “bad parent” and even labeled a “monster” by online trolls due to his extensively tattooed appearance.

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Richard Huff, a father at 51 who embraces the moniker “ink addict,” has recently shared his experience with the negative responses he encounters. Alongside his wife Marita, he parents seven children and asserts that they are no different from any other family. However, Richard, whose body boasts numerous tattoos, has disclosed that strangers on the internet relentlessly ridicule them due to his distinctive look.

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Having gotten his first tattoo at the age of 17, Richard shared, “It turned into an addiction. I started with my legs and gradually covered my body.” Presently, approximately 85% of his body is adorned with ink, featuring his children’s names and even his daughter’s lips. “I aspire to have my entire body covered in tattoos within the next four years,” Richard revealed. “I’m uncertain if it’s the pain or the artistry that you etch onto yourself, but it becomes utterly captivating.”

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Nonetheless, Richard’s enthusiasm for tattoos isn’t devoid of its negative aspects. He recounted instances where children at his kids’ school would become apprehensive in his presence. Richard’s daughter clarified, “They’d say, ‘Ah, it’s somewhat intimidating,’ and I’d counter, ‘No, my dad isn’t intimidating; he’s simply someone adorned with tattoos.'” Marita, Richard’s spouse, admitted to having initial reservations about his appearance. “Initially, I did judge Richard based on his appearance, but as I got to know him better, I realized he’s genuinely kind-hearted.”

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Richard firmly asserts that he has not allowed the barrage of negative reactions to his appearance to hinder his role as a caring father. “I’m active in the PTA, I attend all my children’s events,” he emphasized. Harsh online remarks criticize Richard’s choices, with one stating, “I’m not opposed to tattoos, but honestly, does he really need tattoos on his face like that?” Yet, many others have come forward to support Richard, with one commentator saying, “Everyone’s fixated on his face tattoo. He likes it. He got it. He’s a good father. Let him be.”

Richard stated, “If someone can unleash negative comments like that, there’s something amiss within themselves if they feel compelled to pass judgment on others.” He added, “This is our journey, and we’re content. We’ve spent six years together, our children are content, and that’s all that truly matters.” While acknowledging that the hurtful online remarks can occasionally cross a line, Richard affirmed that they haven’t altered his deep affection for his family. “My children aren’t frightened by my tattoos, and being adorned with them doesn’t make me a poor father. Instead, it offers my kids a distinct outlook on life.”



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