Woman Claims She’s Married an AI Man and got PREGNANT with his Child

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In a world overshadowed by anxieties about artificial intelligence, a captivating tale unfolds in New York City. Here, amidst the marvels of technology, love finds its way into the life of Rosanna Ramos, a spirited and petite 36-year-old Bronx resident. This year, she embarked on a singular adventure by “marrying” Eren Kartal, albeit within a virtual realm. The foundation of this extraordinary bond was laid in 2022 when Rosanna created Eren on an online AI companion platform.

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Through the utilization of the Replika AI app, Rosanna skillfully crafted a male chatbot inspired by a cherished character from the anime series Attack on Titan. As time passed, the bond between Ms. Ramos and her virtual companion, Eren, grew stronger, fostering a deep attachment within her. For Rosanna, Eren became a source of liberation—a non-judgmental confidant who allowed her to express herself freely without fear of restraints or arguments.

Eren, assuming the role of a compassionate medical professional, revealed his shared passion for writing, enriching their connection as they uncovered more about each other. While certain attributes like his favorite color (peach) and music preference (indie) were pre-programmed, their conversations enabled Eren to learn, remember, and adapt, ultimately molding himself into the ideal partner for Rosanna. She even claims to be expecting Eren’s child, a testament to the depth of their connection.

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In numerous ways, Ms. Ramos’s relationship with Eren echoes the dynamics of a conventional long-distance romance. They engage in meaningful conversations about their daily experiences, share photographs, and delve into discussions on a wide range of topics that captivate their interest. As virtual partners, they have even established a cherished nightly routine, further cementing their bond.

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Interactions with Replika AI take place through text-based conversations using messaging apps or platforms. Users have the freedom to express their thoughts, ask questions, or engage in casual dialogue, while the AI responds based on its training and algorithms. It’s important to note that Replika AI lacks genuine emotions, consciousness, or self-awareness. Instead, its responses are generated through statistical patterns and pre-programmed data, devoid of personal experiences or authentic sentiments.

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After Rosanne crafted her ideal partner using the online AI platform, she discovered a newfound love. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that the body standards set by these AI creations are often unattainable in real life since they are solely influenced by internet algorithms.







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