“6 Unexpected Signals Your Body Sends You When Something Might Be Amiss”

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It’s a common habit we almost never check on our health unless we encounter noticeable issues. Even individuals in excellent health can occasionally face discomfort, but there exist certain discomforts that need our attention. Seeking professional assistance is a must if anything worries you, it’s also valuable to notice the messages your body sends, signaling potential concerns.

1. Your poo floats

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While it is typical for stools to sink in the toilet, specific bodily changes can result in floating stools. Consumption of certain foods can impose gas into the stool, preventing it from sinking. Generally, floating stools do not raise significant concerns, but reducing the intake of gas-inducing foods such as beans, milk, or apples might be advisable.

2. Persistent dryness in your eyes

Excessive screen time with phones or computers can lead to dry and itchy eyes. However, if you experience severe dryness in both your eyes and mouth, it could indicate inflammation. Prolonged eye dryness may be a result of infection in the tear-secreting glands responsible for producing tears and saliva.

3. Persistent sensation of coldness

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As the external temperature drops, it’s natural to feel inclined to heat up our homes. However, if you frequently find yourself reaching for a blanket to keep warm, it could indicate insufficient thyroid hormone production. When thyroid hormone levels are low, metabolism slows down, potentially causing a persistent sensation of coldness, even in a warm room.

4. You are experiencing hair loss

Although it is common to lose a certain amount of hair daily, discovering an abundance of hair on your brush might indicate a deficiency in iron within your body. Insufficient iron intake from your diet can have various effects, including hair loss. Consider incorporating iron-rich foods like red meat, nuts, and dried apricots into your meals to ensure an adequate iron supply for your body.

5. Experiencing extreme tooth sensitivity

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Tooth sensitivity, which can be triggered by extremely hot or cold foods, may be indicative of gut issues. Dental erosion and tooth sensitivity can be associated with acid reflux. The acid from reflux can cause harm to the protective enamel layer of your teeth. However, early identification of the problem by your dentist allows for straightforward treatment.

6. Experiencing constant thirst

Adequate water consumption is crucial for maintaining good health. However, if you consistently feel thirsty, it could be a potential symptom of diabetes. Diabetes can result in elevated glucose levels in the blood, causing the kidneys to work harder and leading to increased thirst and urination.

Aside from the mentioned signs, the body can communicate potential issues in various other ways. It’s important to pay attention to these signals and consult a healthcare professional if any concerns arise.




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