10 Thing Men Do That Makes Any Woman Happy and Loved

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Nowadays, it is very hard to find a real gentleman, and you probably will find kindness and gracious only in romantic movies and books. Every girl likes kind gestures that can make their heart skip a beat. There are a lot of gestures that can turn you into a real man. We are going to share some with you, so read carefully and take notes.

1. Saving the last bite of his food

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Do you remember the feeling of eating your favorite food, and you do not want to share it with anyone else? This is because food is one of the things that make us so happy. So, if you share your last bite of food with her, this is a love dedication. She means a lot to you, and even your favorite food is not more important than she. These gestures will make your woman feel loved and appreciated.

2. Open doors

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Opening doors are one of the most romantic gesture you can make. Every woman would love it. A man who gets out of his car to open the door of his lady is definitely a well-mannered kind and attentive.
Your lady means so much to you, so this gesture will make her feel safe and comfortable with you. This is not insignificant, it has a positive effect on her.

3. Introducing you to his friends and family

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A real gentleman and a man who loves his girl will make her meet his best friend and his family. If a man doesn’t do, so this means that this girl is not important to him, and he doesn’t want to make her part of the discussions or conversations. You have to introduce your girl even to that person you meet in the street, this will make her feel appreciated and loved.

4. Spending a lot of time with her family


Family is the most important thing we have in our life. A man who loves her girl love and respects her family too. You like to pass time with her brother or sister and her parents too. A woman will like and will value it.  If you start being interested in her childhood stories, she will notice and will appreciate it. If a man helps your parents at your home or spends time with your little brother, you cannot discuss his love. He is keen to make a good impression on your family because he wants to show them that he really loves you.

5. A man helps you to put on the coat

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If a man does this gesture, he will get the admiration of her girlfriend. It is such a romantic gesture that you can see in movies, so women love it. So, when it is cold, just take her coat and give it to her. This sense of care and protection will melt her heart.

6. Giving presents


A real man doesn’t need an occasion or a special day to give you a present. Buying her something or sending her flowers for no reason will make her so happy. Or you can cook her favorite meal, and you can make a romantic dinner for her. You can buy her a dress she liked or write her letters. All these gestures will make her smile.

7. Kissing forehead

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In a relationship, intimacy is a very important point too. If a man kisses his woman on her forehead, this means that he is so proud of her, and he is glad for having her by his side. This will be an assurance of your love for her.

8. Be her protector

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Women like being and feeling protected by their men. When a man walks side by side with his woman, he is determined and has a sense of protection for her in every situation. This is one of the most valuable gestures, and women appreciate it.

9. Stop your games

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You have to give all your attention and your time to her when she needs you. If you are playing video games, and she asks for help, you should stop or pause your game and go to her. All she wants from you is your attention, so be a real gentleman and listen to her and take care of her.

10. Filling up the gas tank


Well, filling her car’s gas or petrol tank is a small but powerful gesture. This means that you care so much for her and want to make sure she is fine. This will make her smile and feel good and protected.

It is about the little things that make the difference. It doesn’t require anything to make your woman feel good, loved, and wanted. This will only make your relationship stronger. Your woman will be happy and will feel appreciated for having you by her side. Express your love through these small gestures.



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