13 Year Old Joe Signs a Deal With Nike Out of Detention for Doodlings in Class

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Certainly, let’s dive into the details of Joe’s inspiring journey. Meet Joe, a 13-year-old boy bursting with creativity and a relentless urge to express himself through art. Despite his young age, Joe possesses an exceptional talent for doodling and drawing that sets him apart.

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His passion for art often landed him in hot water at school as he couldn’t resist the urge to fill his notebooks with intricate doodles during class, often at the expense of paying attention to his lessons. Many considered his doodling a distraction, but little did they know where his unique talent would lead him.

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Through the power of social media, Joe managed to turn his passion into something truly extraordinary. He established a successful Instagram account, attracting fans and admirers from all corners of the world. However, the pinnacle of his journey was a surprise encounter with a major brand – Nike.

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Impressed by Joe’s exceptional designs and youthful enthusiasm, Nike reached out to discuss a collaboration. This global sports giant recognized the potential in Joe’s talent and offered him a remarkable opportunity – to design a limited-edition sneaker collection inspired by his artwork. This partnership is not only a testament to Joe’s talent but also serves as an inspiration for others to pursue their passions and enjoy what they do.

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Joe’s father, Gregory Whale, couldn’t contain his excitement about Joe becoming a part of the Nike family, calling it a dream come true.

But this was not the first time that Joe’s creative prowess shone through. Prior to the Nike collaboration, he had a solo exhibition at the Soden Collection, an art gallery in his hometown of Shrewsbury, central England. His work received an unexpected royal endorsement when Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, acknowledged his art. It all started when he created an illustration of their royal train tour in December 2020, which the royal couple recognized and praised through an official Twitter post, urging him to “keep up the great work.”

On Joe’s official website, he reveals that he has been drawing and painting since the tender age of three, with art playing a pivotal role throughout his life. While he often focuses on subjects like food, monsters, and aliens, his creative spirit knows no bounds. His motto, “There is no right or wrong in art, just interpretation,” reflects his artistic freedom and fearless approach whenever he picks up his pen. Joe’s story serves as a shining example of how creativity and passion can lead to unexpected and extraordinary opportunities.



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