A Loving Dad Got Through 30 Hours of Pain to Tattoo on His Chest His Son’s Birthmark

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A Canadian father, Derek Prue Sr. from Stony Plain, Alberta, noticed his son, Derek Jr., becoming self-conscious about his birthmark, which had always been a point of pride. To uplift his son, Derek Sr. got a tattoo that matched the distinctive birthmark on Derek Jr.’s chest. This heartwarming gesture involved enduring a 30-hour tattoo session at Juicy Quill Tattoo, led by tattoo artist Tony Gibbert.


Initially planning for a single session, Derek Sr. ended up with nine sessions spanning around 30 hours due to the intricate design and sensitive area. The tattoo replicated Derek Jr.’s birthmark, encompassing his chest and ribs, areas known for their nerve sensitivity.

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The emotional reveal occurred during a swimming trip. Derek Sr. bared his chest, unveiling the matching tattoo to Derek Jr., who was still wearing his shirt. Impressed and delighted, Derek Jr. shed his shirt and enjoyed the pool with newfound comfort, just as his father had hoped for.

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Although people occasionally inquired about Derek Jr.’s birthmark, he confidently brushed off their questions, describing it as a brown mark he’d had since childhood. This resilience was further bolstered when both father and son revisited the tattoo shop, allowing artist Tony Gibbert to witness the impact of his work.

The tattoo had instilled greater confidence in Derek Jr., making him feel less alone in his experience and permanently embedding the mark as a meaningful part of his identity.



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