A Young Man Judged for Dating a Woman Who Weighs 252 lbs

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In the realm of love, there is no universally perfect match. Beauty standards vary from person to person, and love does not demand conformity to them. The remarkable love story of Matt and Brittany vividly illustrates this idea.

Despite facing ridicule and criticism from those unable to see beyond their dissimilarities, Matt and Brittany have proven that genuine love transcends physical appearances. Their story underscores the importance of accepting one another for who they truly are.

Throughout her entire life, Brittany has grappled with the challenge of being accepted.

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At the age of 23, Brittany Jacques had spent her entire life yearning for love and acceptance. Despite her persistent efforts, she had encountered disappointment and heartbreak repeatedly. Previous relationships with controlling partners had left her feeling hopeless and emotionally drained, gradually eroding her confidence and diminishing her self-image.

Caught in a whirlwind of mixed messages from ex-boyfriends, who either demanded she slim down or fetishized her curves, Brittany reached a pivotal moment. Determined to no longer compromise her self-worth, she made the courageous decision to shut herself off from the possibility of love entirely.

Little did she realize that destiny had its own plans in motion. Sometimes, the universe orchestrates connections in the most surprising and beautiful ways, and Brittany was about to experience this firsthand.

Although it initially presented challenges, fate brought their paths together.

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Almost on the verge of surrendering her search for love, Jacques unexpectedly crossed paths with Matt Montgomery in August 2020 through Facebook. Despite their noticeable physical disparities, with Jacques being a plus-size woman and Montgomery possessing a slender build, they immediately felt a profound connection and undeniable chemistry.

Reflecting on their encounter, Jacques admits, “I was a bit hesitant at first. I’ve been in relationships where guys have told me that they will dump me if I don’t start dieting or trying to lose weight. It did affect my self-confidence, and at one point, I did start working out and trying to change my size.”

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Undeterred by the criticism, they listened to their hearts and became resolute that their destinies were intertwined. On January 30, 2022, Montgomery proposed to Jacques, solidifying their commitment and initiating the process of planning their future together.

As Jacques and Montgomery bravely shared their love story with the world, they faced a deluge of hurtful comments and harsh judgment from online trolls. Montgomery openly disclosed that individuals had questioned his masculinity and physical stature, stating, “People comment on Instagram and suggest that I’m not big enough or man enough for her.” He further acknowledged, “I do notice people staring when we walk down the street…”

Their love transcended all criticism and misconceptions, shining brightly in the face of adversity.

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Despite the hurtful remarks and discomfort they faced, the couple stood firm and refused to let the criticism drive them apart. They made a solemn commitment to stand united and demonstrate that love knows no boundaries of shape or size. For Matt, having experienced negative encounters with thin women in the past, he recognized Brittany as his soulmate.

From the moment they met, Matt was captivated by Brittany’s body-positive attitude and her unwavering self-love. Instead of pressuring her to change her appearance, he focused on bringing joy into her life. Brittany echoed these sentiments in an Instagram post, declaring,“You are worthy, you are deserving of infinite love every single day and more. The way I look at you and feel for you and the way you look and feel for me is how I know that we are meant to be.”

Instagram @themontgomeryss

Jacques and Montgomery take immense pride in their mixed-weight relationship and aspire to be an inspiration for others facing similar circumstances. Jacques expressed her desire for such relationships to be more prevalent and accepted, stating, “I wish mixed-weight relationships were more common and considered the norm.”

They firmly hold the belief that love knows no bounds, transcending differences in shape, size, or background. They advocate that genuine love is invaluable and should not be subjected to judgment or shame based on physical appearances. Instead, they encourage the promotion and celebration of love, recognizing it as the force that adds beauty and magnificence to our world.



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