He Used to be World’s Heaviest Kid, Now is Unrecognisable

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Meet Arya Permana, a determined teenager hailing from Indonesia. Not too long ago, Arya faced an immense challenge, weighing a staggering 421 lb (191 kg), which led him to take showers outside in a specially constructed pool. Despite being labeled the “world’s fattest kid,” Arya’s unwavering commitment to hard work and goal-setting has led him to achieve something truly remarkable.


At just 16 years old, Arya used to consume a whopping five meals every day, consisting of rice, fish, meat, vegetable soup, and a traditional soy patty. The amount of food he ate was enough to feed two average adults, making his situation even more concerning.

His excessive weight presented numerous obstacles, such as breathlessness while walking, which prevented him from attending school. Finding suitable clothes was also a struggle, and he had to rely on wearing nothing more than a sarong for a considerable amount of time.

However, Arya’s story took a dramatic turn when he embarked on a transformative journey to shed those pounds. With incredible dedication and guidance from his trainer, Ade Rai, Arya worked hard to understand the importance of physical activity and maintaining a balanced diet.

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From a boy weighing 421 lb (191 kg), Arya has successfully slimmed down to a much healthier 183 lb (83 kg), astonishingly inspiring many others to embrace healthier lifestyles.

Throughout his journey, Arya’s joyful spirit remained intact, impressing many, as maintaining such positivity can be quite rare, even among adults. He has become a symbol of hope and inspiration, motivating people to say things like, “If Arya can lose weight, why can’t I?”

Thanks to a strict training schedule, a nutritious diet, and excellent medical care, Arya has accomplished amazing things. According to his father, Ade Somantri, Arya’s weight loss success can be attributed to the combination of medical care, dedicated exercise routines, and a healthy diet.

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Before, Arya couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time, but now he can actively participate in sports like football with his friends and walk to school. This remarkable transformation is due in part to a major operation that helped reduce the amount he eats.

Arya’s inspiring journey reminds us that with perseverance, determination, and the right support, incredible transformations are possible. We are truly happy for him and his newfound healthier and happier life!



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