Her Boyfriend Asks Her How Many Times per Week She Showers, Her Response Leaves Him Speechless

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The woman’s statement left most people in disbelief, prompting them to ask, “Is she serious?” The shocking revelation about her neglect of personal hygiene spread like wildfire after a TikTok video garnered a staggering 12 million views, sparking intense debates.

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Approaching his girlfriend, the man, who knew she had lived abroad, posed a question: “How often do you shower?” Curious if cultural variations influenced hygiene habits, he contemplated how different countries might shape such routines.

Her response, admitting to showering only once a week, left him momentarily speechless. Puzzled by his reaction, the woman gave him a quizzical look, attempting to comprehend his surprise. He reiterated his question, “Once a week?” Her affirmation followed by an explanation, “I use deodorants, perfumes, and swim occasionally—especially during the summer,” only intensified the peculiar exchange.

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The comment section beneath the video erupted with diverse opinions. Some users confessed to showering two or three times a day, expressing disbelief that weekly showers could suffice. A user humorously noted, “A single day without a shower, and I’m already grumpy,” while another playfully quipped, “She forgot to mention that getting caught in the rain also counts!”

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Amid the chatter, the man clarified that the video was meant as a jest, advising against taking it too seriously. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that there are individuals who do adhere to a once-a-week showering routine. The practice of daily showering has been scrutinized for its environmental impact and potential extravagance, leading to discussions about its necessity. Ultimately, the frequency of showering is a matter of personal habit, and no rigid rules dictate how often one should do so.



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