How To Know If It’s Time To Break Up From Your Partner

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Everyone of us somewhere in life is going to deal with a relationship that it is not ment for you. Although you may try to keep it or try to fix it at any moment sometimes things just dont go as we planed and the life continues to move forward. You need to know that there are not to many peoples outthere that can wait for you so you just need to know your value and to be smart enough when it is time to let some one go and break up.

We at IMeet The Eye are going to list somethings that you should check out and to understand if it is a broken relationship or not.

Spot Any Red Flag Coming By

You should check the red flags from your partner. A phrase as ”Just a Friend” it is not just as simple as it looks because you must be the best friend in a relationship and giving time some other person means that they find things the like about them and at thouse moments you became a secondary thing. Dont do this never skip any red flag.

When Phone Is More Interesting Than Your Partner

Have you ever past by couples who seat for hours and never say a word to each other? That is a good indication that the relationship is ending, and scrolling the stupid things on the social media is more interesting than having an conversation with your partner. If you see this kind of behavor at your partner means that he or she is loosing interest on you.

When They Talk To You All The Time With Irony And Contempt

A real partner should be a good friend first that can listen and help you in everything and go through the worst with you. But in a tocix realtionship many partners tend to abuse psychologically their partner making them feel unloved undesired and they lower the partner sealfesteam to the lowest limits. Stay away from this kind of relationships dont fight for it it is not worth it someone who loves you makes you feel like never before and not to put you in shame and unconfotable situations.

When Away From Your Partener Is a Good Day

Staying away from your partner is better than when you are with him or her. This is a good reason to stop this relationship as soon as possible because how can you spend the time with someone that you dont want near you and doesn’t make you happy when you see them.The partner should be a pice of joy in your life not something you cant stand at all.

Physically There But Not Their Emotions And Feelings

Have you ever stand in fron of your parner and even he or she is there next to you you will not see the same spark you saw at he first days of relationship. They look empty inside and looks like they dont share a single emotion or feeling anymore towards you. If this doesnt is something that passes by fast it means that the lost the feeling for you

You Cant Agree With Anything

When you and your partner cant find something that fusion you two together and start to no agreeing for anything and have big differencies in the way you thing that life should be lived. You dont have to impose the partner to be agree with you. You let hem find their own way.

When They Dont Miss You

You are away from them for some time because of your work maybe or school or any reason and in your return you start to see that your partner doesn’t miss you to much and it is something ”Oh your back” instead of hugs,kisses and words that describe how empty life is without you. If they dont miss you they will replace you.

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