How To Know If You Are Sleeping With The Right Person

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For a relationship to be good are needed a lot of things like trust given time to your partner true love, respect and many more things. Physic connection it is also important, the way you see your partner and the way you feel around him or her can say much about how the relationship is going. Do you feel comfortable and secure enough around you partner?

i Meet The Eye is going to take you through a list of things that will help you know if you are sleeping with the right person.

Sharing Jokes And Laughs During Sex

In the beginning of relationships during the first attempts of sex activity sharing a laugh with your partner may be a bit awkward for both of you and may lead to discomfort but after sometimes together this shows a great amount of comfortability between you two and sharing jokes and laughs may boost your humor and connection with your partner.

It Is Ok And Normal If Sex Sometimes May Be Not So Good

Sex is part of an healthy relationship but sometimes may not be as good as expected to be and this should not be a problem for your partner because sex is related feelings and sometimes other things that may mess up your mind can make you not so sex active during the day and this it is not a problem your partner needs to understand this and support you to overcome this together.

Sometimes Shaving It Is Not a Problem

At first this may look like a not so clever reason but it is more than you expect because at first of relationship both of you feel unsecure about our body and what your partner may think about it.But after sometimes the connection between you to grows up and you are so used of each other that you know every scar,mole or strech marks on your partners body and you accept it as it is so sex is going to be awsome either way so you dont feel ashamed of your hairs or uncomfortable around your partner and this makes you skip sometimes the shaving part.

You Look So Fine For Your Partner No Matter The Situation Or Clothes You Wear

The Love and connection between you two will make you find each other sexy all the time even you are on baggy clothes with out makeup or with you hairs not done.You may look like a mess but this will not make your partner find you hot or sexy.

Saying No To Sex Sometimes

Sometimes it is a bad day for anyone and this may cause for your partner to refuse sex and this is perfectly normal and fine because you need to respect you partner and his or her feelings. You cant see it as an object that must say yes anytime you ask for sex. He or she is a human being that needs comfort love and time to get them better.

Telling Them Mistakes They Make During Bed Time

During the first stages of relationships this may be not a correct thing to say but after you feel comfortable and secure about your relationship it is ok to tell when your partner cross the line and dont respect something you dont like or cant do for them during bad time so a healthy relationship must have a good comunication even for things you both dont like.

You Dont Share Bed Time Stories With Your Friends

For most peoples that have many new relationships and many one night stand experiences it is common to share this stories with your friends and tell everything you did or they did to you. But a in a relationship you care and love to be you start to feel more not so talkative about hte things you do with your partner and love to keep everything between you two.

Sometimes Sex Can Take The Second Place

At the first of relationship sex may come first because the time you dident have a parter took a toll on you but anyway after sometimes together and after you create something beautiful with your partner in may occasions you will start to enjoy something you like to do together than just sex .You will start to do things in the right time and not skip anything else just for sex.

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