Maybelline is Using Bearded Men to Advertise New Makeup Line! People are Going NUTS!

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Men wearing makeup may come as a surprise to some, but it has been a part of recorded history for a significant period. Although this practice may not be as commonplace today, there is a definite increase in interest in men’s cosmetics, which has evolved into a form of personal expression. Recently, Maybelline made a noteworthy effort to challenge social stereotypes by featuring male models applying makeup in a video, sparking a heated debate.

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To promote their cosmetic products, Maybelline collaborated with male model partners, some of whom proudly sported full beards. In one instance, they teamed up with makeup artist Ryan Vita, a ‘Maybelline Partner,’ to showcase a new lipstick in a video shared on their Instagram page. Additionally, they featured makeup artist Zak Taylor in another post, promoting a new summer product from the brand.

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The campaign’s release triggered a flurry of comments from netizens, with some criticizing the brand for using men in their promotion. Various individuals expressed discomfort and opposition to seeing men in makeup tutorials, questioning whether this approach would influence their willingness to purchase the products.

On the other hand, there were users who wholeheartedly supported Maybelline’s inclusive approach. They argued that men have been wearing makeup for centuries in diverse cultures, including those of their forefathers. These users encouraged others to reflect on their feelings of offense and suggested that the discomfort lies within themselves, not the broader world.

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Overall, the discussion surrounding Maybelline’s campaign reveals a range of perspectives on the acceptance of men’s involvement in the beauty industry, with some embracing the change and others still grappling with the concept.



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