Mom Covered in 800 Tattoos is Desperate Finding a Job, Nobody Hires Her

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Over the years, tattoos have remained a subject of controversy, particularly among different generations. However, societal attitudes towards body art have gradually evolved, with more people embracing it. Melissa Sloan, a courageous mother, has personally encountered the contrasting perspectives surrounding tattoos, going so far as to be mistakenly identified as a bank robber. Let’s delve into Melissa’s inspiring journey as she bravely confronts societal opinions and challenges stereotypes.

Melissa has faced considerable judgment due to her adorned appearance with tattoos.

© Melissa Sloan / Facebook
© Melissa Sloan / Facebook

Meet Melissa Sloan, a 46-year-old woman from Wales, United Kingdom, who previously worked as a toilet cleaner. Unfortunately, Melissa now finds it challenging to secure similar employment opportunities due to the extensive tattoo art that adorns her face and body. Despite her qualifications, she faces prejudice and judgment from others, making it difficult for her to find paid work and support herself as a mother.

The mother of two finds herself utterly perplexed by the criticism she receives from others.

© Melissa Sloan / Facebook
© Melissa Sloan / Facebook

Melissa genuinely struggles to comprehend why people invest their time and thoughts in criticizing her tattoos. “There have been claims that I’ve never had a job, but I did have one once, although it didn’t last long,” she explains. “If someone were to offer me a job tomorrow, I would eagerly accept it. I am ready to work.”

Melissa’s journey into the world of tattoos began at the age of 20, and it quickly became an all-consuming passion for her. She developed a special fondness for facial tattoos, gradually covering every inch of her face with ink. Not content with just one layer, she has gone through the process of overlaying her old tattoos three times, resulting in a multi-layered collage that now graces her face.

Despite encountering numerous challenges, Melissa remains determined and refuses to abandon her passion for tattoos.

© Melissa Sloan / Facebook

In spite of her employment difficulties, Melissa remains deeply committed to her love for tattoos, getting a minimum of three new ones every week. She humorously describes herself as “addicted” to the art form.

“If I live to be 70, I’ll still be getting them,” she exclaims. “I plan to cover every inch of my skin, even if it means turning blue. My face is already resembling a Smurf!”

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