Mom Covers Baby Boy’s Whole Body in Tattoos! Defences Self From Critics

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Every parent has their own unique approach to raising their children, but some practices can be particularly unusual and leave us astonished. Take the case of Shameka Morris, a mother who garnered attention by adorning her baby’s body with tattoos.

It’s undeniable that each mother has her own parenting style and employs different methods to raise her child. However, certain choices can become highly controversial, potentially compromising the safety and well-being of children.

Shameka Morris, a fashion designer from West Palm Beach, Florida, United States, recently sparked a viral debate on social media. It was revealed that she has been tattooing her son, Treylin, since he was just six months old. This revelation has drawn significant attention and raised concerns among the general public.

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It’s important to note that this is not just a few tattoos; Shameka Morris has covered her son’s entire body in tattoos. Images of this have circulated on the internet, resulting in strong criticism towards the mother. However, she openly expresses her love for tattoos and shows no remorse for her actions.

Despite tattoos being temporary, this parenting approach has generated discontent among many people. Despite the backlash, Shameka Morris refuses to be swayed by public opinion and defends her choices through her social media presence, stating, “For the people that judge me, I don’t care because this is a lifestyle that we enjoy.”

Morris shared her experiences in an interview, saying, “I receive a lot of aggressive reactions. People claim that I am raising my son as a ‘gangster’ or a ‘thug,’ and they are not accustomed to seeing a baby with tattoos.”

She also recounted a specific incident of rejection, stating, “When I was eight months pregnant, I did a photoshoot with my brothers at a tattoo parlor. From that moment, I faced mockery on social media. All the comments were negative, with people saying that my baby would be born with many tattoos and that his skin would be tainted. It was unbelievable.”

While tattoos are temporary, and that provides some reassurance, the criticism persists. Many argue that this practice negatively influences her child, despite the fact that the baby does not fully comprehend what is happening to his body, especially his skin.

Shameka Morris has also expressed the emotional toll caused by hurtful comments, stating, “The reaction has been terrible. It hurts my feelings because I know I am not a bad mother.”

While the quality of Morris’s parenting in other aspects may not necessarily be called into question, her controversial decision regarding her son’s appearance has undoubtedly cast her in an unfavorable light.

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Tattoos are often viewed as a means of self-expression, but when it comes to tattooing babies, it becomes something quite out of the ordinary. Adult tattoos, on the other hand, are more commonly seen and appreciated. Adults are fully aware of their tattoos’ significance, and many have compelling stories to share.

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