People Tell This Father the Most Vile Things Just Because He Has His Body 95% Covered in Tattoos

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In the era of increasing popularity of tattoos, it’s not unusual to encounter individuals who have extensively adorned their bodies with ink. Regrettably, some of these individuals face unwarranted criticism, and in certain cases, even calls for their children to be taken away from them. One such example is the story of a Canadian man named Remy, who has invested over $100,000 in tattoos and has been subjected to criticism on social media, with some individuals questioning his suitability as a father.

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However, Remy remains unapologetic about his inked appearance and firmly believes that his tattoos haven’t altered his identity as a person or as a father. He maintains, “Tattoos and piercings haven’t changed me at all, so I wasn’t concerned that my son would perceive me differently.”

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Despite his self-assured attitude, Remy has had to endure hurtful online comments that insinuate that his son should be removed from his care solely due to his unconventional appearance. In response, he asserts, “I’ve encountered a few individuals suggesting that my son should be taken away from me because of how I look, but these comments have solely occurred online.” He goes on to argue, “To those who hold such views, my counterargument would be that if you harbor such judgments, perhaps you should reconsider having children yourself.”

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Remy notes that while he may draw attention in public due to his striking appearance, the reactions he receives are generally positive. He states, “People do take a second look in public, but they usually offer kind remarks and inquire about the process, pain tolerance, and frequently compliment the quality of my ink.”

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Remy’s journey into the world of tattoos began with his first piece, his son’s name inked on his skin. Subsequently, he became deeply enamored with the art form, yet his son hardly noticed these changes in his appearance. Remy elaborates, “He never really paid them much attention because, by the time he was born in 2009, I already had a unique appearance – it was just the norm for him. As he’s grown older, he’s developed a nonchalant attitude, and this has, in fact, made him more accepting of people with distinctive appearances.”

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Interestingly, Remy’s son has a favorite among his father’s tattoos, the eye on Remy’s stomach and chest.

In the face of criticism and judgments regarding Remy’s tattoos and potential implications for his parenting, it is crucial to remember that body modification is a highly personal choice. One’s decision to decorate their body with tattoos and piercings should not be a determining factor in assessing their aptitude as a parent. The primary criterion should be the provision of a secure and loving environment for their children.



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