Pope Francis had an intestinal surgery, will remain hospitalised for days

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As per the Vatican, Pope Francis went under an intestinal surgery on Wednesday afternoon. Following the procedure, he will spend several days recovering in a hospital in Rome.

Matteo Bruni, the Vatican spokesperson, stated that the surgery was planned by the 86 year old medical team due to a hernia that had been causing him recurring, painful, and worsening symptoms.

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According to The Catholic News Agency, the purpose of the surgery was to address the scarring resulting from the pope’s colon surgery in 2021. The procedure involved a laparotomy and abdominal wall reconstruction utilizing prosthetic material.

It is interesting to note that news of the pope’s surgery came shortly after his reported 40-minute visit to a hospital, which adds a timely context to the situation.

In addition, this surgery came after the pope’s hospitalization for four days in March, a period of time on which he received treatment for bronchitis.

The pontiff also experiences persistent knee pain, but since his colon surgery in 2021, he has opted not to recover from general anesthesia in order to address the pain. Instead, he has been using a cane or a wheelchair for public appearances.

Shall we all join our prayers together for a swift recovery of Pope Francis.

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