Signs That Demonstrate That You Are In a Toxic Relationship

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It has all happened to us to see a couple on the street, at the restaurant, or at the bar, and they look so happy together. But, you never know the whole story of their relationship, you never know their problems. No one wants to be part of a toxic and abusive relationship, it just happened. You do not really know the person you are in a relationship with, only time will demonstrate it. The victims do not want to get into a relationship with an abusive person, it just happens, and they do not know what they are going through.

You should be able to identify an abusive person. It is not so easy, in fact, because it is not evident at first. Maybe there are a lot of signs that can demonstrate it, but you do not pay attention because you are so excited to get to know this person. But, you must always stay vigilant. This is sot valid for every man you date in your life, of course. You can still look out for the best in people, but remember to stay guarded anyway and to not fall in love so easily.

Being in an abusive relationship is very dangerous. The worst thing for a human being is to feel all the abusive and harmful, toxic behaviors in your own skin. You must know when it happened, because if you do not understand being a victim of a toxic relationship, then there is no way to escape anymore, and your life is going to be darker.

Here are some behaviors abusive people do. Be aware of them.

1. He remembers the old mistakes in a new argument

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Your partner must be a patient and understandable person. There is normal to make mistakes in a relationship, but life goes forward. What happened in the past, stay in the past.

If he or she brings them up to a new argument to use as bargaining chips, this is not a good thing at all.

2. He criticizes you for the way you look

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He makes you feel wrong about the way you are and the way you look. A person who really loves you, loves you for what you are, without conditions. He makes you feel bad. He tells you what to dress and not to, or that your makeup is not adequate. He stays with you just for the way you look, not for your personality or character. He doesn’t love you.

3. He does not support you in pursuing your dreams

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Every human being has its own goals and dreams, and your partner should be your number one fan, and your biggest support. A toxic person will make you feel terrible for being an ambitious person. Remember that you should love yourself first. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make something for yourself and if your partner makes you feel guilty, then he is not the right person for you.

4. He tells you who to spend your time with

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If your partner tells you with whom you have to spend your time, then please run away. We are social individuals, and we have friends and family, so your partner must be part and must be integrated into your social group. He must accept your friends and should never tell you what to do. If he does so, he is very dangerous.

5. He lies to you

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You should be careful of a person who doesn’t have respect for you, who lies to you and violent your trust. You have to be very aware and find someone who values the trust you have for one another. Trust is fundamental for the continuity of a healthy relationship.

6. He makes you feel bad for wanting time for yourself

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It is normal to want to spend some time together with your partner, to do different activities, to travel or anything else. But, it is fine too if you want to pass some time alone by yourself wherever you want. Your partner should respect that.



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