Study: Men With Facial Scars are More Attractive to Women

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The science of attraction can be quite unpredictable, as it’s not always easy to pinpoint what draws us to someone. It could be their sense of humor, confidence, or simply their appearance. In particular, women tend to be intrigued by certain facial traits, including scars.

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In the past, it was believed that scarring was considered unattractive in Western cultures, while in non-Western cultures, they were viewed as a symbol of maturity and bravery. However, a recent study discovered that Western women find slight facial scars on men appealing, associating them with strength and good health. This perception aligns with the Yanomami tribe in Brazil and Venezuela, who use face-paint to highlight scars resulting from ritualized club fights to test a man’s endurance.

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Men with scars may appear more alluring to women, as they are seen as rugged and risk-taking, suggesting above-average masculinity. However, it seems that these tough-looking types are more preferred for short-term flings, while scar-free men are considered to be more caring and gentle, making them perceived as better marriage material.

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On a different note, television has romanticized the bad-boy image, making it attractive and thrilling.

For example, in “Lethal Weapon 3,” the scene where Rene Russo’s character tends to a wounded Mel Gibson creates a humorous and intriguing dynamic. Similarly, the famous scene in “Jaws” where Robert Shaw’s crazy captain and Richard Dreyfus’s oceanographer proudly compare their shark-bite scars adds to the allure of danger.

TV shows like “Vikings” also contribute to the popularity of bare-chested, scarred-up men as they become a hit with the audience.



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