Things And Habits That Might Kill Your Relationship

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Over time, there are a few things that can damage your relationship. Things, that you don’t notice at first, but are highlighted after some time and can affect your relationship.
In this article, we are going to share with you some things or habits that can ruin your relationship.

1. Do not be hypercritical of each other

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Being critical with your partner is a good thing because you can make him see things that he cannot see by himself, but there is always a limit. Sometimes it can go out of control and this may be offensive to the other person. No one likes being critical all the time for every step and move a person makes. You must respect this limit because otherwise, it risks turning criticism into an unhealthy habit.

2. Stop reading their mind

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You are not supposed to read his/her mind. Trying to control him and his thoughts is a bad habit that can cause the end of the relationship. Both of you need your own space, and you should respect that. Being a mind reader can make you go paranoid, it will make you lose your trust in him. So, accept the fact that you both are individuals with private life, and so leave your partner to breathe and grow.

3. Do not control each other

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One of the worst habits is controlling the relationship. You might be jealous of your partner because you don’t want to go out with other people, even with his friends. This is an awful thing. When love turns to control, it gets very suffocating for both of you. Don’t try to control him/her, don’t control his feelings, his emotions, his mind, his life. Be open up and respect the privacy of one another.
In a relationship, you should work together to move on, not a person controlling the other one.

4. Do not keep too many expectations from the other one

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Expectations you have for your relationship must be very realistic because once these expectations became unrealistic, they start becoming difficult for the person who you are expecting from. For example, you can not ask your partner to do things that you wouldn’t do.
Do not make your partner feel wrong, like he is not the right for you. Make him feel safe and loved.

5. Don’t close your emotions

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People during their childhood go through situations that change their personality in different aspects. For example, if in the past you have had a bad experience with someone who used you and hurts your feelings, and so today you will create barriers to not let anyone else hurt your feeling anymore. But this is not fair to someone else that have good intentions for you, who want to make you happy and love you so much. Take your time and take these barriers off, make this fair for the other people, they need their chance.

6. Do not start comparing

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You should never compare your girlfriend or boyfriend with another person. This will make feel him very bad and with lower self-esteem. The most horrible thing to do is to compare him with your ex.
Everyone is different, first, you get to know the other person. Your partner is different and has his own character, his own personality, so do not compare him with anyone else.

7. Do not elongate fights

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Being in a fight with your partner is not that bad because it allows you to know each other and to notice the flaws and privileges. But fights can lead to closing the relationship, and you should never go to sleep without resolving them. Fights need to end before you start a new day.

8. Do not let work come into the relationship

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Do not let your work’s problem come into your relationship. Do not put your work before your partner. We all have to do, we all are too busy sometimes, but your partner is very important too, and he means so much to you too. Be busy in your personal time, but do not let your partner feel ignored.



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