Things That Your Partner Will Do If He Really Loves You

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We all know that for having a good relationship with your partner, you must be a respectful, educated, sincere person. And if I say to you that these things are not enough To build a strong relationship, intimacy, the closeness you both have to put yourselves in uncomfortable situations. You must get out of your comfort zone because it is in these moments when you know each other better and get closer to one another.

If you together start getting comfortable even in an uncomfortable situation, this means that your relationship is really strong and your partner really loves you. The opposite happens if your partner does not accept the changes and the uncomfortable situations in your life. This might be a sign that your relationship is not going to last for so long because it is not strong enough.


Laura Richer, a relationship expert, says that if you and your partner pretend to be the best version of yourselves every time, then the relationship is destined to end. In a loving relationship, you must be true selves, you have to open up and just be you with positive and negative things. And even in uncomfortable situations, you should be open about different things in your life.

Jason Platt, a Ph.D., expert and couples therapist says that it is very important to share your thing with your partner, even the uncomfortable ones. This will get your intimacy much stronger. At first, we all start showing up our best version, but it is more significant when you give access to all realities of each other’s life. Your partner must know all your complexity, your good, and bad things

If your partner is not completely sincere with you and if he doesn’t open up about his things with you, it could be a sign of insecurity, distrust, and no communication, and your relationship won’t work.


1. Their insecurities and fears


If your partner, talk with you about his fears and insecurities, this is a sign of big love and trust. In this case, it is certain that you can count on your partner for everything, even in your moments of insecurities, weakness. So you just have to open up your heart to him/her.

2. Their feelings and emotions


It is not so easy to talk about yourself, your emotions, your thoughts, but you should both do it. You have to find a way to talk to each other about your feelings. You must talk about your thoughts to walk on the same path together. This is fundamental for your relationship.

3. Their needs in a relationship


You must be very lucky to have a partner who opens up his feelings and his needs. This means that your partner cares and wants to make things work with you. They want to make you part of their life, their feelings and want to make sure that you mean to your partner.

4. Their sexual fantasies


Sexual intimacy is very important in a relationship. So, it is very essential to have a partner to cares and open up about the sex life and fantasies they might have. It shows that they care about the strength of relationships and are open to trying new things in the bedroom with you. It means that they want to take the passion alive in the relationship.

5. Their painful life experience


This point is very significant because it is very easy to talk about beautiful things, but you have to open up about the worst experiences you had that have caused you pain and disappointment. It brings up a whole different kind of intimacy.

6. Their financial habits and philosophies


Financial is one of the reasons why relationships end. A couple should have a strong communication regarding finances and have to find a way to fix the problem, otherwise, it could be too late for your relationship.

7. Their family issues


When your partner involves you in his family issues and talks with you about it, means that he really considers you a part of his family. You can match the level of his family.



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