Things You Should Consider First, Before Texting Your Ex

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Getting in contact with your ex is not always a good idea. There are a few reasons why you break up, so turning back to me after time is dangerous. If that story hurts your feeling or made you feel bad, why should you turn back to him/her again? Even if you are in a good relationship with your ex, your story has reached the end for a reason. It is not easy. You must be very careful when you start something new with your ex. You have to think before making this decision to not make the same mistakes you made before.
If you really think you have good reasons to contact and to get back at your ex, then do it, but be always careful. But if you are doing it just because you are nervous and by impulse, then that might be dangerous. You must be rational.

So, take your time, think about it, and then make a decision so, you are not going to screw your life.

In this article, we are going to share some things you should think about before texting your ex.

1. Are you texting her/him to get some answers?

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Break up is a strong emotional and overwhelmed feeling, and it is normal to want to make questions and to have answers. It is confusing because you start thinking about what could have you both done to change things. But, this does not mean that you have to turn back to your ex again to find comfort and closure. You can find it by yourself.

2. Are you texting your ex because you have been hurt by someone else?

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Strong pain can lead us to make the wrong decisions. You must be careful and smart. The temptation to go back to your ex for comfort is so big, but you should resist it. Try to deal with it by yourself, or you also can ask to stay closer to your friends. There is no reason to go back to your ex.

3. Are you texting your ex because you feel lonely?

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Loneliness is a strong feeling that can lead you to depression too. But, remember that even the people who are in a relationship can be lonely too. You can find other ways to get away from this feeling, you can find new hobbies, can explore new things, make new friends, pass some time with your best friend and with your family. Being alone does not mean that you should feel alone. You should not text your ex, you can handle it by yourself.

4. Are you texting your ex because you feel nostalgic?

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Nostalgia is a strong feeling too. You start thinking about good old times together. This happens especially when you feel sad and things are not going the right way at this moment. But, make sure to remember even the reasons that brought you to the breakup.

5. Are you texting your ex because you feel sensual?

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Texting your ex when you are in the mood or have your needs as every human being is the worst decision to make. There are other ways to cope with in case of your sexual feelings.

6. Are you texting your ex because you are drunk?

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If you are drunk, that’s absolutely fine. Let loose yourself and make some fun and unwind for once in a while. But if you are drunk and reckless, that is not fine at all. Be careful because for sure this is not what you want for yourself.



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