Things You Should Do In Front Of Him Before Before Marrying Him

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Marriage is the final step that comes at completing your relationship and until that point in life there is much to be done to achieve this. Fist you should find a suitable partner that may be your soul mate but before you get to the final part there are things that you should think. Is him the one does we love each other are we comfortable enough with each other and do we accept each other as we are?

We at IMeet The Eye are going to prepare a list of things that you should bring in mind and to think if they are been done in front of your partner and what was his reaction during this things.

Going ”Devil” Mode with your anger.

We all have our moments and to be honest not controlling you anger it is not a good thing but when it comes at relationship and when you are one step ahead before marriage you should think even your partner saw you loose it at least once. Because he needs to see your not so bright side and is this going to change his perespective on you or he will try to fix what is wrong.

Have You Ever Given Him An Really Big Cry?

Crying it is not ok but it is a good indication to see your man how he deals when your are at your lowest Because you need to know if your man is someone who cares for you if he start to do enything to make your day better and stop you from crying and ofcorse when crying you might be at your worst physical shape that is also important to see you even in that state.

Sometimes Peeing And Farting In Front Of Him May Help

Peeing and farting it is a natural thing for humans but the level of comfortability with your partner must be so good do do this things on front of him most of peoples avoid this things in fron of the partner but if you tend to marry someone this means that you need to hide this all your life that is wrong because you need to be free around your partner and why not not to turn this situation into a joke between you two.

Performing Your Strangest Sexual Desire With Him

Everyone has his personal desires when it comes to sex and one thing you should do is to let your partner be part of your desires and let him inside you and your thoughs and how you like things this will make everything more pleasent,fun and will help you grow the connection between you two.

Letting Him See Your Menstrual Cycle Tampons

Menstural Cycle is something natural that will chase you for most of your life and your man needs to educate himself about how things work and to not joke about this as something posted in social media. He need to be supportative at this momments, to understand your behavor changes to be more tolerant and not to see you blood as something gross that he cant take it. He Should Be a Man

He Need To See You When You Vomited

Vomiting means that you may be at your worst condition you may be and a reaction from your partner must be seen carefuly because at thouse moments he must take care of you and he will tolerate even if you vomit all over him.

Doing Shopping And Groceries Together

This things will accompany you both all your life so doing this kind of things together sees if he really can take it. Most mens dont like wainting for hours with you at a shopping mall but the right one will stay and will give you all time you need and will do most of things with you.

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