True Story When a TV-Show Helped Peoples To Lose Weight With Amazing Results

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A very popular Tv-Show named My 600/lb/Life helps peoples that are to much overweight and risk serious health problems and complications. Many of the peoples that this show helps are more than 600 lb and after constant work form both parties the results leave many viewers amazed that how much the peoples that the show helped changed their lifes for good.

We at iMeet The Eye are going to list for you some of these changes that were amazing in every way.

1.Melissa D.Morris


Melisa was a woman that weighted over 600 lb at firs when she became part of the show.She was having trouble getting pregnant because of her weight. But after alot of physycal exercises,dieting and a gastric surgery she lost 154 lb and managed to achieve her dream to became a mother.But her weight returned after the pregnancy and she cut her calories daily intake up to 1200 calories per day and lost 172 lb. Now she is happy and is becoming and inspiration of others.

2.Amber Rachdi


Amber Rachdi was a girl that by her 24 years old was almost 660 lb in weight. She ate aroind four big meals each days with alot of candys in between.After gaining so much weight she left her apartament that she has been rented and move to live with her parents because she couldn’t take care of herself anymore. After gastric surgery and constant diet and training at the gym she turned around her life.

3.Chuck Turner


Chuck had a tragic event in his life when his wife was murdered and the only escape he had from constant pain was eating without control.His weight went almost 700 lb when he finally decided to stop eating so much. He got remarried and had a son but couldnt be active to raise a child because of his weight and a big tumor on his leg.After being part of this tv show project he lost 418 lb and became a new person and more healthier.

4.Nikki Webster


Nikki Webster by the age of 33 weighted almost 649 lb and she couldn’t stay in her feet. It started when her parents would let her eat anything and in any portion she wanted. Her life became endangered by the weight and she even couldn’t do the gastric surgery because she risked her life during the operation. She needed fist to lose weight before doing the surgery. After many psychotherapy trataments she lost the weight she needed before doing the surgery. She now is 235 lb and married to her love of her life.

5.June McKaymee


Her tragic event when his son died was a dark page in June’s life because she started eating to much and her husband couldn’t tell her to stop doing it . He even brought her plates full of beef,cheese,sauce,nachos and burittos and after she reached the weight of 595 lb he stoped doing this and seek help form experts.After gastric surgery and constand diet and exercising she lost much weight and now is 300 lb and happy.

6.Charity Pierce


The 38 years old single mother Charity was the most overweight woman in the world. Her weight was scary almost 800 lb. She started turning around her life when she was about to marry her 22 years old boyfriend Tony. She wanted to attend her wedding standing and started doing enything to lose the weight.

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