When Mother in Law Intervenes in The Couple Life, It Can Cause a Lot of Problems

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Parents-in-law are supposed to help the new couple to make it in life and to make them have a happy life together. But, sometimes they might be the cause of problems and divorces in the relationship.

In this article, we are going to share the story about a wife and her evil mother-in-law.

Social user Mundane Waltz1106 has decided to share her sad story on AITA. And, also wanted to have some advice from the other people, whether she is wrong for not letting her mother-in-love meet her granddaughter after what she did.

She said that her husband and she have had a lot of problems and drama since her daughter was born.

They have been together since she was 18 years old and got married at 19 years old. They have always had a great and happy relationship since she gave birth to their daughter. It was a shook for everyone.

This baby girl was different from the parents. She has darker skin, brown eyes, and thick dark curly hair. Meanwhile, her husband and she have light-colored hair and light-colored eyes, and white skin. Everyone thought she cheated on her husband, which she never had. Rather than having her family support, she felt completely alone and in pain because even her husband thought she has cheated on him because his mother convinced him. No one visited her, even on social media when she posted pictures of her daughter people used to call her a cheater.

She has pleased her husband to take a DNA test, but he has never responded to her texts and calls. She had to stay at her sister’s house until he was convinced to have the test which proved that her husband was the father of her daughter.
Her husband apologized to her and invited her to come back home. But, after all the situations and ever since he treated her that way she felt differently about her husband and decides to take some space.

Recently, her mother-in-law has requested to visit the granddaughter, but the wife felt so uncomfortable that she refused. Her husband got really angry with her wife and said to her that she is the grandmother and has the right to visit and meet her granddaughter. And also the little girl has to meet her grandparents.

This girl just wants to know what to do, and if it is right to not let her mother-in-love visit her granddaughter.

The responses were different. Everyone on Reddit supported this woman for what she did.
Someone wrote that she and her daughter deserve a better life than this. This is a really terrible thing to go through.

Someone else has said that she would have left her husband as well. He has not respected her and now he is angry because she can’t get over the way his family treated her.

Another user has said that the mother-in-law can’t expect to visit her granddaughter after trying to ruin her life. She was being nasty and treated her son’s wife awfully.

So, there are a lot of comments on this post about the history of this poor girl.

What do you think about this girl and her story? Who do you think is right?



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