“Which One of You is The Mom?”, Gay Dads of Triplets Share the Most Cruel Questions They Get

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Thanks to incredible scientific advancements, families can now be formed in numerous amazing ways, such as surrogacy, IVF, and biomaterial donation. Let me tell you about Jake and Sean, a heroic gay couple who are now proud parents of wonderful triplets. Their journey began when they met on a gay dating app in 2012 and developed a close friendship to support each other through their shared struggles.

As time passed, their bond grew into deep love, and after nine years together, they decided to become parents. However, the path to parenthood was not easy for them. It took the effort of four individuals to bring their family into existence.

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They started by finding an anonymous egg donor and fertilizing the eggs to create embryos. With careful testing, they determined which embryos were male and female and implanted one of each in their surrogate.

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Eventually, their triplets were born, bringing immense joy to their lives. Jake and Sean shared their heartwarming story, highlighting how one of their girls decided to surprise them by splitting into identical twins. Despite the challenges, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Recently, the couple made a video where they discussed the most insensitive questions they receive from strangers about their family. The questions ranged from concerns about their children’s sexual orientation to misconceptions about their roles as parents. Despite the negativity, the video garnered immense support from viewers who stood by the happy dads. The most common questions were: “Will you still love them if they’re straight?” Another one is, “So, which one of you is the Mom?” People often say to them, “You’re gay, you should have adopted.”

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Their story is not the only inspiring one out there. These stories remind us that love knows no boundaries and that families come in all shapes and sizes.



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