Woman Finds a Tampon in Boyfriend’s Room! Puts to Work a GENIUS Plan to see if He’s Cheating

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A young woman named Lois, residing in the UK, recently gained viral fame on TikTok due to her detective-like skills. While staying at her boyfriend’s university house for the first time, Lois made a surprising discovery – a tampon and mascara hidden under his wardrobe.

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She playfully asked her boyfriend about these items, and he denied any involvement with another girl in his room, suggesting they may have belonged to the previous occupant.

© loissa4 / TikTok

Fueled by her suspicions, Lois embarked on an investigative journey. She shared her findings in a video, showcasing the tampon and mascara under her boyfriend’s wardrobe. Lois even contacted Tampax to determine the tampon’s production date using its serial number, hoping to establish a timeline of their relationship.

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She received a response from an employee named Grace, revealing the tampon was made on December 11, 2019, before she entered the relationship.

© loissa4 / TikTok

Lois’s video quickly garnered over 9 million views, with mixed reactions from viewers. Some praised her determination in uncovering the truth, while others labeled it a “genius or borderline psycho” move.

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Opinions on whether it was a red flag or a valid investigation varied, with some defending Lois’s suspicions.



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