Woman With NO Front Teeth Admits She’s a CATFISH! “Make Up Turns Me Into Mariah Carey”

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While makeup primarily serves to enhance natural beauty, there are individuals who take it to an entirely different level. One such woman, Sarah Andres, known as @lashesandlosing on TikTok and Instagram and hailing from Edmonton, has amazed her followers with an astonishing “catfish” beauty transformation reminiscent of Mariah Carey.

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Sarah recently shared a video with her numerous fans, showcasing her adept transformations within her home beauty studio. In the video, viewers observed as every visible pore seemingly vanished from her skin. She transitioned from her casual attire and messy ponytail to a more sophisticated appearance, donning an elegant evening dress and styling her hair similarly to Mariah Carey’s signature look.

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The clip, which highlighted Sarah’s resemblance to the internationally renowned singer, garnered a plethora of comments. Many individuals praised the self-taught makeup artist, who had lost two of her front teeth in a biking accident. Numerous users even requested a complete makeup tutorial from her, while others labeled her transformation as “amazing.”

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Nevertheless, some individuals approached the situation with skepticism. Certain viewers claimed that makeup wasn’t the sole factor at play, with one suggesting that Sarah “employs a filter to conceal her nasolabial folds.”

© lashesandlosing / Instagram

Another individual criticized her by stating, “The true test is seeing them in the morning.” Despite this, a considerable number of people came to Sarah’s defense, asserting that negativity stemmed from jealousy. One fan expressed, “I believe you excel in your craft. Your makeup application is impeccable.”



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