20 Illusions That Demonstrate The Impact of Modern Technology In Our Society

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Internet and technology have transformed our life in all dimensions. Technology occupies an important role in our society today, and we can not live without thinking of the online world. But on the other hand, technology has made our life easier thanks to the creation of different and multifunctional devices, such as laptops, smart televisions, mobile phones, and also a lot of domestic devices.

Technology has given us the opportunity to connect with the world, with people who live abroad, to learn new things, but at the same time, it has driven people away. The people are being more invidious, have changed their relationship, their friendship, and even the way they communicate.
Technology is affecting our well-being and our mental health. There is nothing wrong with using technology, but we should do it very carefully because everything has a limit.

Here we are going to share with you some illustrations that demonstrate the impact of technology in our life.

1. There is no more privacy in our life

Asaf Hanuka -Via

2. New way of parenting

Pawel Kuczynski -Via

3. Technology retreat

John Holcroft -Via

4. Can you find yourself?

nerinadinunzio -Via

5. Together but alone

angelboligan -Via

6. We are all under control

angelboligan -Via

7. Food technology

steve_cutts_official -Via

8. Life is much more than the likes

angelboligan -Via

9. Which is the way to zombie?

electroperro -Via

10. Mesmerized

sanvecino -Via

11. Parenting

patrick_martinez_studio -Via

12. Choices you made in life

Marian Kamensky -Via

13. Social Media effect

angelboligan -Via

14. It’s that time of the year

/revelateurx -Via

15. Depression

Marian Kamensky -Via

16. Pikachu is looking for humans

Marian Kamensky -Via

17. Carry your emotions

Marian Kamensky -Via

18. It was supposed to be a family dinner

jean_jullien -Via

19. Likes injection

Asaf Hanuka -Via

20. The smartphone is the new drug

Pawel Kuczynski -Via



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