Bear’s Tongue Gets Stucked In a Can, Seeks Human Help to Free Herself

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In a heart-wrenching incident, a famished polar bear found itself in distress when its tongue became ensnared in an empty jar of condensed milk. The situation drew the attention of nearby villagers, who tried to provide aid to the struggling animal.

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The wild polar bear urgently sought assistance as the can’s tight grip prevented it from eating, and the sharp edges of the container caused painful injuries to its tongue.

In a video, a concerned man can be seen attempting to remove the jar from the polar bear’s mouth using a knife’s edge. Sadly, the attempt proved unsuccessful due to the jar’s stubborn hold. Realizing that they couldn’t help the bear without causing further harm, the man had to abandon the effort.

© siberian_times / Twitter

Fortunately, a dedicated team of veterinarians braved challenging weather conditions to come to the bear’s rescue. They managed to free the female bear and treated her multiple cuts. Despite being over a year old, she weighed a mere 90 kg due to her severe hunger.

© siberian_times / Twitter

Typically, polar bears would avoid interacting with humans, but extreme hunger compelled this particular bear to seek help from the town’s residents.

Currently, the bear is under close observation and care by local veterinarians to ensure her recovery and well-being.



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