Humans Dressed in Bear Costumes at the Chinese Zoo or Real Bears! The Dilemma is Solved and is Making People MAD!

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In the era of social media, peculiar incidents can now spread faster than ever, and if a post goes viral, it inevitably triggers discussions and the formation of theories. Such was the case with a bear in China, whose unconventional behavior left netizens puzzled.

The images, originating from a zoo in Hangzhou, China, swiftly gained viral traction on social media platforms. The accompanying video showcased Angela, a small and lithe black bear, standing on her hind legs. With her front paws suspended in front of her body, Angela gazed at the visitors, mimicking human gestures. Moments later, she returned to all-fours to search for food that had been thrown to her, only to rise up once again.

© Xiao Tongtong / Douyin

Promptly, theories began to circulate. The prevailing conjecture was that Angela, the sun bear, might not actually be a bear but a human in disguise. Some humorously speculated, “Is it a summer intern?”

Subsequently, the zoo’s management intervened to dispel the confusion after the video’s virality. They clarified that even if someone were to wear a bear costume, enduring the summer heat in such attire would be quite challenging. However, skepticism persisted among some who found it hard to believe that Angela’s behavior aligned with normal bear conduct. Consequently, this curiosity led more visitors than usual to flock to the Hangzhou zoo to observe the animal firsthand.

© Xiao Tongtong / Douyin

Experts, on the other hand, elucidated that Angela the sun bear’s actions are entirely natural for her species. Wong Siew Te, an expert in this field, explained that most bear species possess the ability to stand on their hind legs, but sun bears stand tall in order to investigate their surroundings from an elevated perspective. This behavior serves a purpose. Wong Siew Te further noted that the sun bear’s loose, saggy skin actually functions as a protective mechanism against injuries.

Amidst the discourse, a significant number of commentators attributed the bears’ appearance to malnourishment and lack of food. This viewpoint has ignited a widespread debate online.

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