Different Signs That Men Do If They Really Respect You

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When people get into a relationship at first everything seems field with flowers but after a lot of time being together, things start to be taken for granted. It is a big mistake not to prioritize the value of respect for one another. If there is no respect, there is no love. Respect is not taken for granted.
You can not stay with a person who doesn’t respect you, or you don’t respect him.

Respect is one of the most important signs of love, so you must keep it strong. You can’t have love in your relationship if there is no respect. So, find a man who can give you all the respect you deserve to have, a man who knows your value and your worth as a human being.
Your partner must accept the fact that you have your own life and you are your own person so he must respect that.

If your partner starts to be disrespectful towards you, you should talk to him. If he doesn’t change then just leave him because he doesn’t love you for sure. If your partner shows you respect and kindness you should be grateful for this, and you should appreciate it. Show him how grateful and lucky you are for having him. Do not take anything for granted.

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We are going to share with you some of the signs you should keep an eye on.

1. He expresses a genuine interest in your thoughts and opinions

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He gives you the feeling and the security to speak to him. He makes you feel free to express yourself and your thoughts. He always will let you know how important this thing is to him, and how much he appreciates your thoughts about everything.

2. He gives you his full attention every time you are together

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When you are on a date together he doesn’t look at his phone, he doesn’t look at other girls or anything else. His full attention is on you and at you.

3. He allows himself to open up and be sensitive with you

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He will always be vulnerable with you. He will speak about his fears, his emotions, his feelings. He will not be fake with you. He appreciates your love and he respects you by being sensitive with you.

4. He doesn’t make you feel like he is controlling you

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He respects you letting you free to live the life you want to live. He knows that he doesn’t have any right to control you and to say you what to do. He doesn’t own you, he respects you and your privacy.

5. He makes you feel included in his life

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He always makes you part of his life, he includes you in his everyday life and accepts your opinions on decisions he has to make. He wants your opinion even on planning things for your relationship.

6. He is determined about the role he has in the relationship

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He wants to make sure that you are happy with him and feel appreciated. He will let you know how much he cares for you. He will never put you in second place.

7. He never acts jealous

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He doesn’t care if you pass your time with friends or other people. He trusts you so he respects your own life and has no right to tell you what to do. He knows that you can’t spend all the time on him. He respects your life outside of the relationship too.

8. He is concerned about the needs of both of you in the relationship

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He always makes sure to give you kindness, love, and protection however he can. He is concerned about your needs and his own needs. He makes sure to meet your standard and to be on the same level.

9. He is never tired of admiring you

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He respects you by being mature about your relationship and your feelings. He doesn’t play with you, so he just wants you to know how much he admires and loves you.



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