“My Toddler Son Almost Died Just Because of this Bathroom Item”

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In a harrowing incident, a mother found herself facing the worst nightmare that any parent can imagine when her 2-year-old son came perilously close to a tragic accident in the family’s bathroom. This heart-wrenching episode serves as a powerful reminder of the potential dangers lurking in our homes and the critical importance of child safety.

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The mother, who chose to remain anonymous, shared her distressing account on the Instagram page of Tiny Hearts, a child safety organization founded by a former paramedic. She recounted the terrifying night when her toddler son, Archie, almost drowned in the family bathtub. At 4 a.m., their 4-year-old alerted them by running into their bedroom, urgently crying for help. To their shock, they discovered their mischievous 2-year-old fully clothed, with a diaper, sitting in the bath.

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The mother went on to explain the sequence of events that had led to this life-threatening situation. Firstly, Archie had climbed onto a stool, a feat he had never attempted before. Secondly, he managed to insert the bath plug into the drain. As he turned on the tap, water began to fill the tub rapidly, and the entire bathroom started to flood. Thankfully, the older sibling knew how to respond and sought help.

The mother expressed her profound gratitude that their 4-year-old had awakened them in time, preventing a potentially devastating tragedy. She shuddered at the thought of what might have occurred if he hadn’t.

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Notably, the mother emphasized that they had implemented various safety measures to protect their small children from accidents. However, the seemingly innocuous bath plug had never raised concerns. This incident compelled her to share her story as a cautionary tale. In the aftermath, she swiftly installed a lock on the bathroom door and securely stored the plug out of the children’s reach inside a locked cupboard.

“I hope this story can educate other parents because honestly, I consider myself to be REALLY on top of child safety: every cupboard is locked, every piece of furniture is anchored or mounted to the wall, and every effort is taken to ensure the safety of our kids at all times. But I honestly just never thought of locking away the plug,” she admitted.

In the United States, drowning is the leading cause of death among children aged 1 to 4, with an alarming average of 11 drowning deaths per day. Nonfatal drowning incidents number 22 daily, and these can result in long-term health issues, including brain damage, with nearly 40% of cases requiring hospitalization. Fortunately, in this instance, Archie’s life was spared, as he was promptly checked by medical professionals and is now in good health. This mother’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the critical importance of vigilance and the need for continuous efforts to keep our children safe from potential hazards in our homes.



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