Kaley Cuoco: This Plant Nearly Killed My Dog! BE AWARE

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Kaley Cuoco has shared a harrowing experience about her rescue dog’s close encounter with a hazardous foxtail plant that nearly cost him his life. The 37-year-old actress is now determined to spread awareness about this danger to prevent other furry friends from suffering a similar fate.

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After losing her 14-year-old dog Norman in early 2021, Kaley and her partner, Tom Pelphrey, found joy in their beloved chihuahua, Dump Truck, who brightened their lives for two years. However, in late May 2023, they sadly lost Dump Truck. Fortunately, they had recently adopted another chihuahua named Miss Opal, just a month before welcoming their baby girl, Matilda. They also rescued another chihuahua, King, who has been facing health challenges.

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Kaley took to Instagram to share King’s health struggles, revealing that he had been “violently ill” for two months before the vet discovered the cause. A foxtail plant had made its way into King’s body and was dangerously close to piercing his heart. He had to undergo extensive surgery to remove it, and thankfully, he is now doing much better.

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Foxtail is a common weed that can easily find its way into your home and can be harmful to pets. It can get lodged in their toes, ears, or even eyes, and its sharpness allows it to travel within the pet’s body, posing a serious threat to vital organs. The body can’t naturally expel foxtails, necessitating surgery for removal.

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Kaley urges everyone to be cautious during summertime and thoroughly check their pets for foxtails to prevent such dangers.

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Spreading awareness about this hazard can help ensure the safety and well-being of our furry companions.



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