Different Ways of Being Jealous

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We all have been jealous ones in our life. Sometimes for our partner, sometimes for our best friend, or even for our parents. But these negative thoughts we might have in this case may result very funny.
We will share with you some pictures of very jealous people, that can not hide them even in front of the camera. Enjoy it!

1. The cat is watching you

© Missmayo / reddit

2. Can you find the jealous personage?

© alexiacobos / twitter

3. Boys are jealous of their sister and their dad

© redlightgreenlighter / reddit

4. What are you doing there?

© fiddle_sticks / reddit

5. Do you want it? But you cannot have it

© SaltyBabyBatter / reddit

6. I think he is hungry

© jaysc0 / twitter

7. Oh, she is jokingly covering his eyes..kind of sweet

© Short_stuff / reddit

8. That blanket, it’s not yours!

© BrookeTillandsia / reddit

9. Nailed it

© AlmaGordo / reddit

10. Well he was jealous of the baby, so decided to take his place

© jpkitchener / reddit

11. That dog looks confused

© ogericd / reddit

12. What are you doing? And my nose?

© Picabulka / pikabu

13. Who is that bird? The cat is jealous

© jilli44 / reddit

14. This little boy is surprised

© aleqxander / reddit

15. When you eat in front of the others

© Sashas25 / pikabu

16. They are all jealous and just can’t hide it

© zilpzalp / imgur

17. He is mine

© abilledeaux / reddit

18. Ready to grab that piece of bread

© unknown author / imgur

19. I think they’re both jealous of each other

© JaneNilufer / reddit

20. When everything you want is that piece of cake

© zilpzalp / imgur

21. When she just doesn’t support you




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