Paris Hilton Gets Mocked About Her Walk at Mugler, Others Are Admiring Her

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Renowned for her iconic fashion sense, Paris Hilton, a 42-year-old fashion icon, made headlines recently by gracing the catwalk for the illustrious brand Mugler at Paris Fashion Week. Departing from her traditional “Barbie” style, Hilton chose an all-black ensemble, capturing the attention of onlookers with not just her outfit, but also her distinctive runway presence.

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Hilton’s striking appearance for Mugler’s star-studded fashion show was an all-black affair, from her clothing down to her heels and even her bag. She sported a sleek, pulled-back bun and opted for minimal makeup, accentuated by bold, oversized eyeliner.

The atmosphere surrounding Hilton’s runway walk was a mix of praise and critique. Video footage of her distinctive walk triggered discussions about its uniqueness. Some observers found her walk to be unconventional, even deeming it “odd.” On the other hand, a segment of her fan base rallied behind her, particularly marveling at her impeccably toned legs. Comments like “I’m amazed by her toned legs” and “Those legs?!? I don’t care how she walks, these legs are goals 😍” surfaced in support of the star.

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Over the years, Paris Hilton has effectively trademarked this singular walk as her own. Supporters argue that she has been executing this signature stride since the 1990s and is unlikely to conform to the standard catwalk model gait because, simply put, she is Paris Hilton. This sentiment was echoed by fans who aptly noted that she remains true to her unique style.

Regardless of the divergent opinions on her runway presence, there’s no denying that Paris Hilton exuded sheer elegance and beauty, leaving an indelible mark on the Paris Fashion Week catwalk.



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