Gigi Hadid Reportedly Dating Leo DiCaprio’s BFF Bradley Cooper After They Broke Up

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Gigi Hadid’s romantic interests appear to have shifted away from her rumored partner, Leonardo DiCaprio, towards one of his acquaintances, Bradley Cooper. A reliable source has confirmed that Gigi and Bradley are indeed spending time together, although their relationship is currently described as casual.

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Recently, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper have been spotted together for the second time, fueling speculation about a potential romantic connection. The 28-year-old model and the 48-year-old actor were seen returning to New York City after what seemed to be a weekend getaway. Notably, there was no one else in the car, indicating that the two celebrities might have enjoyed a romantic trip.

Rumors regarding a possible connection between DiCaprio, 48, and Hadid, 27, began in September 2022 when they were seen partying together during New York Fashion Week. A source revealed at the time that DiCaprio was drawn to Gigi for her maturity and shared values, particularly in terms of their commitment to good causes.

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Reports on Gigi Hadid’s feelings towards Leonardo DiCaprio have varied from her being “not interested” to “smitten.”

It’s worth noting that Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio first crossed paths in their twenties when Bradley worked as an overnight doorman at a New York hotel, assisting the Titanic star to his room. Despite their initial differences, Bradley was studying at the Actors Studio while DiCaprio was enjoying the heights of fame after Titanic. Over the years, they have developed a close friendship, sharing experiences like vacations in Mexico, attending Hollywood parties, celebrating Super Bowl Sunday in Miami, and even going to Coachella together.

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Furthermore, Bradley Cooper is a devoted father to his 4-year-old daughter, Lea, from his past relationship with Irina Shayk. Despite his breakup with Shayk, he continues to prioritize being the best parent he can be, drawing inspiration from the example set by his late father.



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