Jennifer Garner Reveals How She Avoids Panicking Being a Mom of Three

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Jennifer Garner, renowned for her remarkable performances on the silver screen, is equally illustrious for her real-life role as a single mother. Navigating the complexities of raising three children, she stands out for her grace and unwavering resilience. However, there are moments when the demands of motherhood threaten to overwhelm her.

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In a recent interview, Jennifer Garner, a mother of three and a multifaceted personality juggling her acting career and business ventures, offered insights into her approach to avoid succumbing to the pressures of being a working mom. Garner underscores her determination to handle her responsibilities “from a place of expansiveness,” refusing to be consumed by the challenges of parenthood. “We’re constantly reminded, ‘You have 18 summers. You have this much time. Time is fleeting,’ and it can induce panic,” she candidly admitted.

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The 51-year-old star of “13 Going on 30” described her concerted efforts to stay present and create wonderful memories with her three children: Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, all of whom she shares with her former husband, Ben Affleck. Garner attributes her grounded perspective to the wisdom of her mother, Patricia Ann Garner, who consistently assured her that she could effectively balance her career and motherhood.

Jennifer Garner’s multifaceted roles extend beyond her acting career. She has ventured into the business world as the co-founder of “Once Upon a Farm,” an organic, fresh baby food company. Notably, her children actively participate in taste-testing the products, showcasing their enthusiasm and involvement in her entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Despite her separation from Ben Affleck in 2015, the former couple has excelled at co-parenting their children. In 2019, Affleck openly expressed his commitment to being a “good dad” to Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, acknowledging Garner’s significant support in their co-parenting journey. Even in 2022, Jennifer Lopez, who is now married to Affleck, commended the exes for their amicable dynamic and their ability to collaborate effectively.



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