Serena Williams Shows Off Baby Adira

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Tennis legend Serena Williams and her husband celebrated the arrival of their second baby girl in August. Serena, now 42 years old, recently shared the joyous moment with her fans through a heartwarming video that featured their newborn daughter, Adira River. In the video, Serena and Alexis were seated at a table, sharing affectionate hugs and kisses. Their first child, Olympia, eagerly rushed into her mother’s embrace, exuding pure happiness.

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With a loving kiss on her daughter’s forehead, Serena turned to her husband, Alexis, and softly mentioned, “I’ll be right back.” She then went to retrieve their precious newborn, who was swaddled in a soft, snug baby blanket. Adding an extra touch of emotion, Serena set the video to the music of Bazzi’s song “Beautiful.”

On the same day, Alexis, aged 40, also took to his own Instagram to announce the arrival of their second daughter. The co-founder of Reddit shared a series of photos that showcased their radiant family of four, including some heartwarming snapshots of the moment when Olympia met her newborn baby sister.

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In his caption, Alexis expressed his deep gratitude, writing, “I’m grateful to report our house is filled with love: a happy and healthy newborn girl and a happy and healthy mama.” He further conveyed his thankfulness, expressing appreciation for his wife and the unparalleled gift she had given him. He also extended his gratitude to the medical staff for their exceptional care of Serena and their newborn daughter.

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In her initial Instagram Story post, Serena Williams shared a snapshot of her baby girl, who was peacefully resting on a fluffy blanket adorned with cozy white socks. Meanwhile, her eldest daughter, 6-year-old Olympia, joined the picture.

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Adira, dressed in a moon-printed sleepsuit, lay contentedly on her mother’s chest, while Olympia sat beside them with a tranquil, sleepy demeanor. Olympia wore a vibrant floral dress and rested her head on a cushion, gazing directly at the camera, capturing a heartwarming family moment.



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