Reasons Why Your Ex Is Still Waiting For You

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Sometimes the breakup is not the tragic part of a relationship, sometimes it is the solution to the problems in a relationship. The fact that a couple decides to break up, doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other anymore. The reasons for breaking up might be a lot, but this means nothing about the love you have for your ex-partner. Breakups happen even if you are so in love.
It is very common that after a breakup, your ex still has feelings for you, maybe in the same way he/she did when you were together.

In these cases, couples end the relationship without wanting to, they do so because of the situation or other reasons. If sometimes you caught yourself thinking about your ex, don’t worry, that is absolutely ok. You are not alone. It is normal to think about the old-time passing together and also wanting to get back together again. Of course, you are not sure if your ex is thinking in the same way as you do.

In this article, we are going to share with you some signs and tips to let you understand if your ex feels the same about you and if he/she is waiting for you

1. They try to talk to you every time

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They try to talk with you as much they can because they enjoy talking and do conversations with you. They miss you, and they’re hoping you notice it.

2. They ask you about your current relationship

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They are interested in knowing your relationship status because they want to know if there are any chances of getting back together. They know that if you are single, they have a higher chance of getting back with you.

3. They ask you to hang out together


They will not only talk with you, but they will make effort to hang out with you and spend some time together. They enjoy staying and having conversations together.

4. They will make you feel nostalgic about the past


They will use nostalgia as a trick, to make you feel nostalgic for your past. So, they can have a good chance of getting back to you.

5. They will ask you directly to get back together

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They may ask you directly to get back together. They won’t hide their feeling for you and will say to you that they are really interested in getting another try.

On one hand, it is nice to know that you already know, and you know how much he/she loves you, but on the other hand, there is a strong reason why this relationship has ended, and you know that there are high chances to end up exactly like before.
You need to work hard together to not make the same mistakes you made before, this time things must be different.



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