The First Things Women Notice In a Man In The First Date

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If you think that women don’t notice the smaller details you think are not important you are completely wrong. A woman can notice everything. They know that the smaller things make the difference. So, never underestimate these details. Be careful of the way you talk, your body language, your clothes, your hairstyle, your laughing, your walking, the thing you say, and how you say, your humor, your kindness, and everything else that for a man maybe are not so important.

For a woman, personality is very important so she will notice every detail regards. She will notice if you are sweet or chirpy, hilarious and fun, or if you are shy or not. She will notice everything, so should you.

In this article, we are going to share with you the first things a woman can notice in you on the first date. These things are fundamental for the continuation of your date. The first thing you can notice in a person is the physical aspect and so here are some of the details women notice in a man, so the next time makes sure to don’t screw it up.

1. Posture

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One of the first things a woman notices is posture, the way you walk, stands, which can tell a lot about you. This will help her to figure out what kind of personality you have if you are super active and confident or you are lazy and uninterested.
If your shoulders hang down and if you are inclining forward this is a sign of fearless, you are insecure with low confidence, which is a very big problem.
If you are a tall guy and stand upright he appears to be confident, courageous, and responsible. These make you look more secure.

2. Dirty fingernail

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A man with dirty and badly kept nails is just a big NO. No one likes dirty fingernails. Even if a woman doesn’t make it obvious because she doesn’t want to make you feel bad, she will notice your nails, and trust me it is not very kind to see them. We all know that even ladies have long nails but they take care of them. It is disappointing to see a man with dirty long nails. And a part of that ladies like men with short nails and clean fingers. On the first date, a woman will notice your nails and fingers and will notice also the signals you make with your hands.
So keep your hands clean and your nails short, be careful with the gesture, and keep a minimalist behavior.

3. Body odor

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The way you smell is also very important for a woman. It is important to have a really good smell because if you’re smelling like a junk stack be prepared not to see that woman ever again.
Before your date take a hot shower, use a good cologne or perfume to get you a very good smell.
This is going to help you to stay as close as you want with your date.



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