This Girl Had a Terrible Experience With Her Lip Filler

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We all know that whenever we decide to get lip filler, we should be very careful because there might be a lot of consequences. We have to make sure that we have to find the right place with professional people to get it.
Cleo Symes, 25 years old, had lip filler for 5 years and had just decided to dissolved it and took it off. And here the problem show up because her lips started to get bigger and bigger. She had revealed this news on TikTok.

cleosymes -Via

She had her facemask on and when she took it off her boyfriend remained very surprised because she did not expect to see this result.
She also shared with TikTok the way she eats and drinks with these lips. Furthermore, she had to use a straw in the side of her mouth to get the nutritions her body need.

cleosymes -Via

She told her fans that this situation was normal. This is because her lips are reacting to the dissolving process. She just made fun with this situation and said that there is nothing to worry about. She shared another video with her lips completely dissolved and in a good condition.

This was the first reaction

cleosymes -Via

And this was after a completely dissolving process where her lips are normal

cleosymes -Via

Some people commented her videos insulting or just saying that this thing is not normal and other things.
Today her lips are healed, and she looks so nice.

Cleo Symes/Instagram


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