In Philippines Was Found The Largest Crocodile Died From Stress and Depression

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In the Philippines was found the largest crocodile, named Lolong, that became very famous in an ecotourism park. He was very dangerous, he had been suspected of eating a fisherman and a little girl also. This crocodile was used to kill at least one person in the Philippines.

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In September 2011, the crocodile suffered from very severe stress and in February 2013 he was found dead. The people found it upside down with a very big, bloated stomach.

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The crocodile was part of the Guinness World Records as 21 feet and 157st. The people were very sad when they heard the news. He died from a very severe infection caused by the big stress he had been feeling since the day he was captured.

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He has caused so much death in the Philippines

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Reporters said for the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper, that he has been really sick weeks before his passing away. He had refused to eat and drink a month ago and also his face color was changed. He also had a really strange bloated stomach.

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Mr. Elorde has expressed, for BBC News, his desire to preserve the crocodile’s body, so people can admire and look at him in a museum. This thing has happened. His remains can be found at the National Museum of Natural History in Manila.

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It is really weird, but at the same time so impressive, how stress and depression can ruin your brain and your health in general. The crocodiles have a really strong immune system, they live in nasty water and are able to survive and be so fine.



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