These People Show Us That Having a Tattoo Is The Best Way To Cover Up Scars or Birthmarks

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Tattooing your body is really an artwork. Some people are very passionate about this art and decided to make little tattoos or to cover their body just for fun and passion, others use tattoos to cover scars or birthmarks or other signs in their bodies. Tattoos have always a meaning, and they are very individual for each person.

Tattoos can hide a lot of stories, wounds, and are a reminder of past pain.
In this way, tattoos tend to give them freedom and make people feel comfortable again in their bodies.
We are going to share with you some ideas of tattoos that have healed a lot of pain, marks, wounds.

1. Creative idea

hellcock -Via

2. Best idea to cover up a birthmark

guesspre -Via

3. Brilliant work I think

Yulinka17 -Via

4. Little tattoo that can cover up scars

Dasgoog -Via

5. Can you guess the meaning?

halfrican_art -Via

6. This boy finally had his burn scar covered with a tattoo

ImaGeisha4u -Via

7. Amazing idea for making this birthmark special

studiobysol -Via

8. This is a medical tattoo system, using organic pigments

medikaldovmeler -Via

9. Integrate a scar is also a very good idea

dimistattoo -Via

10. It looks like a real nail

empowertattoo -Via

11. Scar covered with a tattoo

camurtattoo -Via

12. Fish bone created with scar and tattoo

pimpotattoo -Via

13. So creative

pat_theblackcattattoo -Via

14. This tattoo is a real work of Art, just stunning -Via

15. Another idea of creating a fish bone

nein666_tattoo -Via

16. Burning scar covered with a tattoo

pinkdermographie -Via

17. Tattoo with flowers and butterfly -Via

18. Amazing work

[deleted] -Via

19. This work is so inspiring

raquelgauthier -Via

20. Aliens brought him up

tomsandys -Via

Which one is your favorite one? If you have any tattoos, share them with us in the comment.



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