7-Year Old Boy Wears Skirts and Dresses at School, Gets Support By Friends

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Seven-year-old Theo Easton has captured hearts and promoted acceptance within his school community. Last year, Theo began wearing girls’ clothing at home, and this year, he decided to wear a pinafore to school after the summer break. Despite societal expectations, Theo’s choice has garnered support and praise from both friends and the school.

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Marion, Theo’s mother, shared that Theo has been wearing girls’ clothing outside of school for over a year. He’s a typical young boy who enjoys activities like playing with Lego and games, but he doesn’t feel comfortable in boys’ clothes. Marion emphasizes that Theo identifies as a boy but prefers girls’ clothing, and she believes that, at seven, he is still exploring and may not have a permanent preference.

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On Theo’s first day in a girls’ uniform, his classmates welcomed him with open hearts, with one friend expressing, “We’ll still love you no matter what you wear, Theo.” Marion noted that the school has provided tremendous support, and even his teacher complimented his attire.

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However, Marion has faced criticism on social media, particularly TikTok, where some users condemned her for allowing her son to dress in girls’ clothing. Nevertheless, Marion remains unwavering in her support for Theo, prioritizing his happiness and well-being over societal judgments.

Marion acknowledges uncertainty about Theo’s future regarding gender identity but maintains her primary focus on ensuring her son’s happiness. She believes that Theo’s actions can serve as an educational opportunity for adults and children alike, highlighting that clothing should not define a person.

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Marion hopes that Theo’s story will inspire parents to listen to their children and respect their choices, ultimately contributing to a more accepting and inclusive society. Theo’s message is crystal clear: “He’s good, he’s comfortable, and he’s happy.” Marion wants people to understand that it’s okay to be true to oneself and hopes that Theo’s journey will inspire others to do the same.



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