87 Year Old Crossin Guard Retires After 55 Years, Child Melt Her Heart With Their Gesture

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After dedicating almost 55 years of her life as a crossing guard for Missouri’s Independence School District, Sandra Bellew, now 87 years old, ensured the safety of countless children. Having safeguarded multiple generations while they crossed the road, she is now retiring and bid a heartfelt farewell by the students who were saddened by her departure.

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Sandra embarked on her journey as a crossing guard in 1968, and despite not earning a substantial income in that role, she found immense joy in it. Her dedication to the job has been so unwavering that she has assisted the grandchildren of former students in safely crossing the road. Sandra even expressed her intention to continue working “until I couldn’t walk,” a testament to her enduring commitment.

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To commemorate her retirement and years of dedicated service to numerous generations of children, students expressed their heartfelt farewell to Sandra. They crafted a hand-drawn sign bearing the words “Happy Retirement!” and “We will miss you, Ms. Sandra.” The sign was adorned with personal messages written by many children, and the gesture was accompanied by the presentation of flowers and warm hugs.

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“(The students) kept telling me how much they’re going to miss me,” said Sandra. “And of course, I had several crying, and it was just really healing in a way, knowing that they did care, and they will miss me.”

A heartwarming video captured the touching moment as Sandra expressed her sentiments to a student, saying, “I’m going to miss you.” In response, the student reciprocated the feeling, saying, “I’m going to miss you too.” The exchange showcased the deep connection and affection shared between Sandra and the students she had watched over for so long.

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Following her retirement, Sandra has exciting plans to keep herself active and fit. She shared, “I’m looking forward to swimming, water aerobics, and exercise to maintain my strength and keep my legs strong, so I can continue being active.” Reflecting on her farewell, she expressed deep gratitude, noting, “It was a joyous moment, and seeing the smiles on their faces filled my heart with happiness.”

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