Bedridden Man Bursts in Tears When Horse Approaches to Comfort Him

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João, Audrie Spake’s father, has been facing numerous health challenges since an accident left him bedridden. While his doctors have been working tirelessly to aid his physical healing, João recently received a visitor who aimed to heal his heart as well.

Allow us to introduce Paçoca, an equine therapy horse who collaborates with volunteers from the nonprofit organization Coletivo Inclusão. Their mission is to support individuals with special needs, and the impact they make is truly remarkable. One of the activities promoted by the organization is equine therapy, which involves using horses as a therapeutic tool.

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Paçoca provided comfort and love to João during his visit. Audrie shared a heartwarming video capturing the moment when Paçoca paid a visit to her father. Showing remarkable intuition, the horse seemed to understand the kind of connection João needed most. With gentle tenderness, Paçoca nestled against João’s chest, creating a serene exchange of solace and affection. Audrie expressed, “He stayed close to my father the whole time, and it was beautiful!”

A few years ago, João experienced an accident on his way to work, leading to months spent in the hospital. When he returned home, he was weak, unable to walk, and spoke very little. Since then, his daughter has been caring for him daily, while seeking new ways to stimulate his body and spirit. Equine therapy has proven to be beneficial in this regard.

Equine therapy, also known as equine-assisted therapy, is an intervention that involves using horses within an interdisciplinary framework encompassing health, education, and horsemanship. Its purpose is to promote the holistic development of individuals with disabilities and special needs.

Creating a quiet and calm therapy setting is crucial, free from excessive noise, as both therapists and horses require a relaxed, secure, and confident environment. Riding sessions are sometimes part of the therapy process.

Horses are magnificent and helpful animals that benefit us through riding and therapy. They not only enhance motor skills and neurological functions but also possess a surprising sense of humor, providing positive treatment and support.

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