Study: 97 Hours/Week, Mom’s Work Equals a 6 Figure Job

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In a remarkable display of dedication and love, mothers go above and beyond, investing an astounding 97 hours each week in caring for their children.

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A recent study surveyed 2,000 American moms with kids aged 5 to 18, shedding light on the countless roles they undertake to make their families thrive. From being a driver, chef, and teacher to assuming the roles of life coach, meal planner, and even professional cuddler, mothers exhibit a multitude of skills to ensure their children’s well-being.

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A typical day for moms involves spending 46 minutes preparing meals, 44 minutes doing laundry, and 29 minutes engaging in artistic activities with their kids. Moreover, they take on additional roles like tutor and therapist, making their workload even more extensive than that of a full-time job. This dedicated effort showcases their unwavering commitment to their families, proving that a mother’s love knows no bounds.

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If mothers were to be compensated for their parenting responsibilities, the study reveals that they would earn a substantial six-figure salary of $100,460 per year.

This remarkable figure remains true despite the fact that 70 percent of the surveyed mothers also work either full-time or part-time jobs. It highlights the immense value of mothers’ efforts as parents and how they successfully balance raising children with managing their professional responsibilities.

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As parents, we fully comprehend the significant responsibility of raising kids, but we also cherish the laughter and joy they bring into our homes. Experienced moms and dads eagerly keep their cameras ready, capturing adorable and funny moments of their beloved children, knowing that these heartwarming memories are a true delight for the entire family.

The love and dedication of mothers truly break boundaries, making the impossible possible and enriching the lives of everyone around them.

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