Man Saves From Death a Baby Moose, Gets FIRED From Work

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In an unexpected turn of events, Mark Skage’s compassionate act of rescuing a baby moose from a potentially dangerous situation had unforeseen consequences. Mark’s heartwarming act of heroism occurred when he spotted the vulnerable moose beside a busy road in British Columbia, Canada, where it was at risk of being attacked by a black bear.

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Without hesitation, Mark decided to protect the defenseless animal, shielding it from harm. However, his employer reacted differently to the situation and made the regrettable decision to terminate his employment, citing a breach of wildlife protocols.

Despite being aware of the prohibition against handling wildlife, Mark firmly believes he did the right thing. The unfortunate loss of his job caught him off guard. In an interview, Mark expressed his reasoning, saying, “I just couldn’t do it, in my heart. Black bears are the number one predator for those calves. So I just thought, ‘Well, I can’t take care of the predator, but I guess maybe I can try and help out this little calf.'”

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Mark recounted how he noticed the calf wandering alone by the roadside with no sign of its mother. Witnessing the young moose narrowly escape numerous oncoming vehicles, he decided to intervene. His initial intention was to scare the calf away from the dangerous highway, but fate had other plans. When he opened the car door, the baby moose quickly trotted over and attempted to climb into the pickup truck. Overwhelmed with compassion, Mark couldn’t resist giving the young moose a ride to safety.

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While driving, Mark reached out to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service, seeking guidance on finding a suitable and secure place for the calf to stay. Eventually, he brought the moose to a wildlife rehabilitation center, ensuring its well-being and safety.

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Despite the unfortunate consequences, Mark’s kind and heroic actions have left a positive impact on the life of the baby moose he selflessly rescued.



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